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News BPHC Program Specific Forms updated to the New EHBs User Interface!

Sunday, June 09, 2013

The program specific forms included in the applications for Bureau of Primary Health Care (BPHC) funding opportunities have been upgraded to the New EHBs User Interface (UI). Along with this upgrade, we have also made these forms more intuitive by -

  • Providing additional details about various form fields using information icons. Just hover your mouse over these information icons to find out more about the related fields. These details will help in explaining the data required by BPHC in these fields and will help applicants in providing relevant details.
  • Providing examples and formats of acceptable data in form fields. This will help applicants to know what type of data will be accepted by the system so that they can complete the forms faster by avoiding data type errors.
  • Including correction guidelines in the validation messages. These guidelines will provide information about how to correct any errors in a form.
These usability features will make the system easier to use and reduce the amount of time needed to complete and submit applications through the EHBs. For every BPHC funding opportunity, there is a user guide that provides details about the business rules implemented for each program specific form included in the opportunity along with guidance related to using some of the new user interface features.


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