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News Meet Sarah—your new option for automated EHBs Account Management and EHBs site knowledge

Thursday, March 26, 2020

Sarah is a new automated intelligent Chatbot tool for managing your EHBs account that can help you with resetting your password, unlocking your account, terminating a logged in session and providing EHBs users with informational resources.

What to expect?

Coming soon, Sarah will be deployed on the external EHBs login page and will provide users an interactive experience to perform self-service account actions. The intelligent Chatbot will also provide the users with resources, including videos and documents, and answers to some of the most common EHBs questions, all without needing to call the contact center.

The conversational experience will be available 24/7, providing users with an alternative source of assistance to enhance the efficiency and user experience for EHBs users.

How to use?

To interact with Sarah, simply access the external EHBs login page and select the Chatbot icon on the bottom right of your screen. From there you can begin your conversation, requesting which topics you need help with.

Prior to performing account related actions, Sarah will be able to validate your identity based on your EHBs profile security question. Additionally, the Chatbot will be able to help users create tickets that will then be reviewed and followed up on by the Contact Center.

Account Management Examples:

"I need to reset my password"

"I can't log on to EHBs because I'm already logged on at a different computer"

"My EHBs account is locked"

EHBs Informational Examples:

"I need help registering a grant"

"How do I navigate the EHBs site?"

"Who can manage users?"

"Where can I learn more?"


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